Our mission is that in all the Evangelical Churches of Ukraine there were godly, qualified ministers who graduated from the Irpen Biblical Seminary and zealously work for the glory of God in three main directions:






To help students to grow spiritually and grow in faith by being transformed into the image of Jesus Christ (Gal. 4:19) - To be Godly.


To provide students with a deep, systematic and versatile Bible knowledge (2 Tim. 3: 16-17) - To be qualified.


To "Fire" students into a selfless, dedicated ministry for the glory of God (Acts 20:24) - To be zealous.



1. Comprehensive biblical and theological training of ministers for the Ukrainian Baptist churches.
2. Improving the educational and spiritual level of ministers’ training, for high quality worship services and church life to meet the demands and opportunities of the present time.
3. Raising the level of theological knowledge so that the ministers are approved workmen in sound doctrine to preserve the truth and integrity of the Gospel ministry.
4. Preparing teachers for schools in the Ukrainian Baptist denomination, and Sunday school teachers for the local churches.
5. Training of specialists in the field of Christian ethics for religious and non-religious educational institutions, and secularsocial service centers.
6. Training choir directors and music teachers for Christian training centers.
7. Training Christian sign language interpreters for the deaf for the purpose of church ministry and outreach.
8. Expansion of education to minister to all the various spiritual needs of contemporary society, such as orphans,students, military personnel, deaf people, prisoners, and people with various types of dependencies such as alcohol, drugs, computers, computer games, etc.


1. Research and analysis of all aspects of Irpin Bible Seminary, and the development and implementation of the Strategic Plan for IBS through 2030.

2. Standardization of existing programs for international accreditation.

3. Improving the educational process at all levels, especially in the bachelor's and master's programs.

4. Increasing the level of personal spiritual training and qualification of teachers.

5. The development of financial stability and financial independence of the seminary.

6. Increasing the use of technology for the purpose of ministry.

7. To ensure professional teaching for quality education and the effective functioning of IBS.

8. Cooperation with other institutions and missions who are in agreement with IBS doctrine, who can share their experience with our students regarding successful ministry.

9. Draw quality international professors, especially from The Masters Academy International.

10. Recruitment and training of capable, talented graduates to teach at the seminary.

11. Strengthen ties with regional Bible colleges.

12. Methodological and teaching assistance to daughter and sister educational institutions in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

13. Methodological and spiritual support to missionary graduates of IBS.

14. The development of publishing.

15. The combination of education with practical service for the students in churches and training centers.

16. Conducting regular pastoral and continuing education conferences for graduates of IBS


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Our Purpose for 2020-2030

To prepare for the evangelical Churches of Ukraine 1000 godly, qualified ministers: pastors, evangelists, preachers, counselors, choir directors, Sunday school teachers, small group’s leaders, youth leaders and other ministers who would zealously work for the glory of God in three main directions:

- Worship

- Evangelism

- Discipleship


- Rev. Dr. Igor M. Yaremchuk

President of IBS

About Seminary programs

About Seminary programs